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We will be holding a World of Work and Enterprise week on the 10th June this year.  If you know of anyone who could come and speak to our children about their job, please email head.luddingtongarthorpe@northlincs.gov.uk or message us on Seesaw.  Thank you 

Below is the programme so far - we'll update it as new volunteers come forward.  

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Have a watch of this video.  As the world is ever-changing, we are trying to open up possibilties for our students and remind them that anything is possible. 

Please ask your child to complete this questionnaire to help us to see what progress we've made in teaching careers education this year.  Your support is very much appreciated.  Thank you

First Careers

Here's a link to a website which introduces you to different careers. 

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What would you like to be when you are older?  Please complete the survey on DB primary to let us know. 

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I want to be

The children made this video a couple of years ago when we participated in a project to develop aspirations for Primary-aged children. Please click on the picture to watch the video. 


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Class 1's airport visit

Class 1 went to visit Humberside Airport as part of their topic on flight.  They got the chance to meet some pilots and learned what it is like to work at an airport. 

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