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In our foundation unit children are encouraged and supported to investigate and explore their learning through the carefully planned learning environment provided both inside and outside the classroom.  Staff use skilled questioning to extend learning and develop children’s thinking skills.  Children are provided with plenty of opportunities to strengthen their social and communication skills, explore the world in which they live, develop problem solving and become independent learners; along with a strong focus on English and maths.

In school we use Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds to develop early reading skills.  Initially the focus is on developing listening skills, staff provide a variety of activities to support children in identifying sounds in the environment; they have fun exploring sounds, using instruments and are exposed to rhyme and alliteration.  When children are ready to move to the next stage of their learning they begin to learn letter sounds; we focus on learning the sounds letters make rather than letter names at first so that children can use these when they come to blending and segmenting for reading and spelling.

This term we have a dinosaur theme where we have discovered a dinosaur egg!  Reception children, along with KS1 had fun comparing the egg with duck and chicken eggs.  We also have an ‘investigation station’ where we have had fun being scientists and exploring the world in which we live…the microscope is really handy for looking closely at leaves and mini beasts!

Along with learning about dinosaurs, this term we will also be learning about harvest, Autumn, Diwali, Guy Fawkes and of course Christmas!  Keep a look out for all the pictures of our exciting learning.

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Nursery, Reception, Mrs Dixon, Mrs Beasley, Mrs Gracey and Mr Nothard


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Science Week

The children had an excellent week, learning all about changes.  Here are just some of the highlights!

EYFS  & Class 1 Science week

Weeks Commencing 2nd and 9th January 2017...

Welcome back!  We hope all of the children had a very merry Christmas with their families, they have enjoyed letting us know about all of their wonderful gifts! 

This week in school we launched our new topic, China with a whole school morning of activities including food tasting, Chinese art and a 'chopstick challenge' along with lots of other exciting things.  Both Nursery and Reception children throughly enjoyed learning new things and the older children did a fantastic job in supporting them.

This half term in a morning we will be learning about Chinese New Year along with traditional fairy tales.  We have a Chinese restaurant in our role play area that has already been very busy!  In English, Reception children will be using talk for writing to help them learn stories and they will be practising their writing using phonics to help them.

Nursery children are looking at letter sounds and will be doing lots of fun exploring linked to their phonics.  

In maths we are continuing to look at number and will be beginning to look at patterns in more detail.

In an afternoon Reception children join our KS1 children.  This week we are exploring China, locating it on a map, looking at geographical features and comparing China to where we live.  We will then be exploring the following questions.  Are dragons real?  Would a dragon be friendly or fierce? 

Week commencing 17th October 2016...

What a busy week to end the first half of the term!  Children will be taking part in basic first aid techniques as part of the 'Restart a Heart Day'.  We have a special guest coming in to tell us all about ringing 999 and teaching us how to put someone in the recovery position and do chest compressions.  

Later in the week we will be taking part in lots of different activities, apple bobbing, carving pumpkins, spooky crafts and making our own chocolate apples!

In an afternoon Reception children will be learning about the Hindu festival Diwali, we will be creating Indian art and making Diwali sweets.  We will also be thinking about firework safety.

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing half term and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 31st October 2016.

Thank you for all of your continuing support,

Mrs Dixon and the Foundation team

Making our own chocolate apple treats! Thursday 20th October 2016...

The children participated in a practical science session today, learning about why chocolate melts, exploring how it changes as it gets warmer, what happens when it cools down and of course different things we can make.  What fun making chocolate apples and taking them home to eat!  We looked at being healthy and discussed why it is important to wash our hands and have been developing our motor skills through mixing and pouring.

Pumpkin carving...

Restart a Heart day 17th October 2016...

Week Commencing 10th October

See what exciting things we have been doing this week...

Thinking about harvest time the children have been listening to the story of 'The Little Red Hen' so this week we have decided to have a go at baking our own bread.  What fun!  We were using mathematical language when weighing and measuring, developing our motor skills by mixing and kneading the dough, developing our social skills by working in groups and practising our listening skills by listening to and following the instructions!  Then of course the best bit, just like 'The Little Red Hen' we got to take our bread home and eat it "all by our selves"!  It was delicious. Please look at the pictures below to see how much fun we had.

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Mrs Dixon and the Foundation team. 

Foundation open morning July 2016...Working together with parents...