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More Able Writers Day - Crowle Primary

writers day

Four children from Class 3 were selected to attend a Writer's Day at Crowle Primary on the 8th February.  They and Mrs Pullan spent the day meeting an author and learning a variety of writing techniques.  They were very excited to come back to school with the books they had bought!


Science Week

Class 3 Science Week

The children have enjoyed carrying out a range of experiments throughout the week.  Here are some of the highlights. 

Developing Art skills

Terracotta army

The children have been learning how to produce line drawings of the Terracotta Army.  After refining their pictures, they traced them on to some tracing paper and then transferred their designs onto tiles.  The next step will be to produce some prints.  We're looking forward to publishing the results on our Facebook page and this website!



This is the National Curriculum list of spellings for years 5 and 6 that all children are expected to know by the end of year 6.

Your child will be taught the appropriate spelling rules and patterns for these words. They may also appear in spelling lists for homework, however please encourage and support your child in learning these words throughout the year.

Buddy training