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China Homework Tasks

Pupils should complete at least on task by the end of the half term, but obviously they are more than welcome to do more.

Design and Evaluate

  • Research a Chinese recipe, cook some to bring into school or take a photograph of your meal.
  • Create an information page about the Great Wall of China.
  • Design a persuasive leaflet telling people where they should go in China and why.
  • Research why the dragon is such an important part of Chinese tradition.
  • Find out what zodiac sign you are and the animal year you were born in. Create a poster with this information.


  • Research a sporting team that you would like to play for in China and give reasons for this.
  • Review the 2008 Summer Olympic Games and find out how successful China was as a nation.
  • Research how people in China are being promoted to use exercise in everyday life.

Design and make


  • Design a costume for your zodiac sign.
  • Paint or draw a landmark from China.
  • Create your own Chinese fan and or lantern. 
  • Create some origami and write the instructions to go with it.  

This week...

Embedded Blog

This week in Class Two we are looking at multiplication and division. In our reading sessions we have moved onto Chapter 14 of Harry Potter and the Philosoper's Stone, Norbet the Norwegian Ridgeback. The children have been working hard planning their own stories throughout the week and are starting to write them up this Friday!

About Us

In Class Two this term, we are studying the text 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'.  As a school our topic study is all based around China. Our pupils are encouraged to be as independent as possible and are given many opportunities to share their own thoughts and explore their own points of view.  We show children how making mistakes is an important part of learning and that through editing and assessing, we are able to improve and develop as learners.  Miss Clayphan supports our class and leads our Forest activities. 


Mr Cullen 


The spellings for Year 3 and 4 are done as a combined list, unlike Year 1 and 2 which has two separate systems to work through. The children in Year 3 and Year 4 will at times receive separate spelling lists but this does not mean that Year 3’s spelling will be any easier -  it will just be coverage related.

‘The spelling lists for Year 3/4 are a mixture of words pupils frequently use in their writing and those which they often misspell. Some of the listed words may be thought of as quite challenging, but the 100 words in each list can easily be taught within the four years of key stage 2 alongside other words that teachers consider appropriate.

Teachers should continue to emphasise to pupils the relationships between sounds and letters, even when the relationships are unusual. Once root words are learnt in this way, longer words can be spelt correctly, if the rules and guidance for adding prefixes and suffixes are also known.’

Please come and see me if you have any questions.  Thank you


Science Week

The children have enjoyed partipating in Science Week this week.  Here's a picture of some of the highlights. 

Class 2 Science week(1)